When presented with this assignment, I immediately knew I wanted to create a visual to represent a popular saying, a la Amelia Bedelia. I also knew I wanted my image do deal with a real world issue. Thus, “Lost Marbles” was born. My main challenge when creating this image came with attempting to use Pixlr. I had never done any sort of photo editing before (besides the occasional selfie filter), and it took a while for me to become accustomed to the software. There was also a lot of difficulty with finding two images that were somewhat compatible and non-copyrighted. However, once I overcame these obstacles I think I managed to create an interesting piece. When one “loses their marbles,” they go crazy; when one stops taking their meds, their mental illness can start to overpower them. As someone living with mental illness, I found the brightness of the marbles (as opposed to the all-consuming whiteness of anti-depressants) to be a spark of hope on an otherwise grim image. After all, lost marbles aren’t too hard to find.



pill bottle





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