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I think this image represents two of my life’s greatest passions: my dog (George Clooney) and Meme Culture. I think every child wants a pet–something they can cuddle when they’re scared, something that loves them unconditionally. Unfortunately, my dad is allergic to anything with hair or fur, so I was deprived of this particular experience as a kid. My parents divorced during my senior year of high school, and suddenly a beautiful door opened; we could get a dog! My mom, sister, and I decided on the name ‘George Clooney’ as soon as we saw him. He was handsome, smart, and seemed to like successful women. The summer before I went to college, I was George’s primary caretaker. I fed him, walked him, and cleaned up his messes. Every time I come back home to Chicago, George jumps up on me and licks my face. I miss him more than I miss anything else about home.

Meme Culture also inspired this avatar. As a non-athletic teenager, I spent a good portion of my time on the internet, specifically Tumblr. There, I found a community full of joy and hilarity, filled with works that would make little sense to anyone over 25. Many of these images focused on re-appropriating “ugly” and “basic” symbols and imagery. Comic Sans, for example, is largely regarded to be the worst and dorkiest font; thus, it is no surprise that it is widely used in memes. Gold stars are also notorious on Tumblr, the most infamous being the “You Tried” star, used as a reaction when a post with a mistake is made. I combined these two elements with a pink hue to “meme-ify” George Clooney, creating an image that I think describes me quite well.

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