How Motivated Am I? Not Very.

I created this data visualization in an effort to determine if I was a the bright and motivated young adult my parents believe I am. Turns out, not only am I not motivated, I actually seem to be pretty burnt out. I tracked several aspects of my life over the course of a week in an effort to determine my motivation; there included hours spent per day procrastinating, motivation level out of 10 (taken in the morning and afternoon), time spent in bed that wasn’t sleeping (which is a very good proxy for my mental state–if I’m feeling productive, I won’t be in bed), stress level out of 10, and exhaustion level out of 10. Theoretically, if I were motivated, I would be less tired and less stressed, instead invigorated by my ability to take on the world and its tediousness. Obviously, this is not the case. Conclusions: I really need a vacation.

How Motivated Am I, McKenzie Liebergen?

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