Visual Chemistry 150 Notes

I really enjoy art, and being able to draw things, though I’m not very good at it. This assignment was very soothing, and actually caused me to examine the course material more closely than I usually do. However, I’ve always known that my learning process revolves more around words than images. I did theater in high school, and could memorize long stretches of lines in a single day. I’m majoring in biology, a subject that is primarily based on memorizing words and concepts. Thus, subjects that are more problem-solving based (such as calculus or chemistry) are much harder for me to grasp.

I think the use of pictures and non-traditional note-taking really allowed me to take the time I needed to fully absorb the knowledge about this particularly difficult chemistry unit. I can’t memorize molecular shape or Lewis structures using my usual word-based techniques, and painstakingly drawing out my notes was a much more effective learning strategy than my usual chemistry studying strategy of blankly staring at the page.

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