When Will My Reflection Show (That I Really Love Murder): A Podcast Reflection

In the production of my episode of Media Nouveau (on My Favorite Murder, a comedy true-crime podcast), I think I had the most fun I’ve had in a really long time. I love analyzing the things I love, and looking at them from angles I hadn’t previously considered.

The approach I took in developing this podcast episode very closely mirrored the development of My Favorite Murder itself. I decided that I wanted convey a conversational, casual tone–something that was decidedly different from past episodes of Media Nouveau. I wanted my episode to feel like a portal into a (somewhat realistic) conversation, rather than two people painstakingly reciting a scripted analysis.  My assistant producer Cindy acted as a foil for my surplus of knowledge; having only listened to one episode, she was in an excellent position to organically question me about something I know very well, as well as giving her own first impression on the series.

My primary goals in producing this podcast were to illustrate the way My Favorite Murder as a piece of new media helped to launch the entire genre of true crime into a different place in society. I also wanted to convey the way it intersects with feminism, something I probably could have spent 15 minutes discussing on its own. I didn’t realize how little time 10-15  minutes actually is until I was recording this episode. I definitely feel like, given more time, I could provide a deeper and more thorough analysis of the podcast through a new media lens, as well as discussing the feminist implications in a more focused and source-backed manner. However, in the light of the constraints we were given for this assignment, I feel like I accomplished my goals in a more than sufficient manner.

I think producing this episode helped achieve and improve  my performance and understanding of several learning outcomes for this course. The first one that came to mind as something this assignment helped me enhance would be Critical Thinking and Reading Resulting in Writing. Producing this episode forced me to integrate ideas in different physical texts and audio-based pieces, spanning from books to newspaper articles to podcasts. I had to synthesize these sources in my mind to create a coherent argument as to the role My Favorite Murder plays in the digital culture as a piece of new media. I also feel that I strengthened my understanding of Digital Citizenship/ Digital Identity. In creating my episode of Media Nouveau, I learned the ways in which one must interact online, including the copyright laws surrounding music and images regarding what is and is not considered “fair use”. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of recording and editing a podcast episode, and felt that through the experience I grew as a learner and a digital creator.

Image: Mirror by Recca Ammerrier

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