You and Your Words Flooded My Senses

I really enjoyed this project– it reminded me of activities we did in slam poetry club in high school. I found it so enjoyable that I made 3 visual poems. The first one (with the trees and the road) says “Hope that distance to somebody shines an eye.” I felt like this phrase encapsulated the sentiment of needing to get away from a situation in order to see a clearly; sometimes one can’t see the forest through the trees. This also explains the illustration of trees lining a dark and winding road. The second visual poem says “trouble is afraid of you.” I thought this statement was incredibly interesting and powerful, and felt lucky to find it on the page. The image depicts a dark silhouette surrounded by bright warm light. This represents a sort of protective bubble of power, shrouding the silhouette from any trouble. The third visual poem says “amuse the public and stop the bully,” with an image of a jester in the center of a light blue sky. I felt this was an especially poignant statement – so often, public opinion can brutally turn against a person, much like a bully.

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